"Let's Get Physical" to address side effects of cancer treatment

"After cancer diagnosis, many patients anticipate a treatment regimen that might include surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy or radiation.  But there's another type of treatment that can benefit people with cancer, and it's one that they don't always get - physical therapy.  Physical therapy can help address side effects of cancer or its treatments, including pain, weakness, body changes and fatigue." 

"Many people being treated for cancer experience severe fatigue, which often tops lists of common side effects of both chemotherapy and radiation.  Although it might seem counterintuitive, physical therapy can play a vital role in fighting fatigue."

"You don't have to rehabilitate what you don't lose. Waiting for patients to lose function, and then give it back to them is not best practice. Our job is to keep you happy, healthy, and moving."

"Patients often worry that they are not well enough for physical therapy, but people who try physical therapy don't get as sick, don't have as much pain, and tolerate chemotherapy and radiation better."

From the winter 2018 edition of Cure magazine.  Please follow the link for more information about the benefits of physical therapy during cancer treatment.    https://www.curetoday.com/publications/cure/2018/winter-2018/lets-get-physical

Research shows that physical activity during and/or after cancer treatment can help you minimize and overcome the effects of cancer treatment.  At Palmer Physical Therapy for Women, our therapists are trained in oncology rehabilitation and will evaluate your pain, neuropathy, range of motion, tissue restriction, strength, endurance and balance.  An individualized plan of care and exercise program will help you address any deficits and achieve your specific needs and goals. We are ready to help you get your quality of life back!

Susan Palmer, PT at Palmer Physical Therapy in Wichita KS

Susan Palmer, PT is a 1995 graduate of Wichita State University. Her background is in orthopedic physical therapy, and she received additional education in physical therapy for cancer treatment and women’s health issues (Herman & Wallace training).

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