Conditions We Treat with Physical Therapy

Have you tried physical therapy before with limited results? Have you had poor success managing your pelvic pain, neck and low back pain or bowel and bladder problems with medications, diet or conservative treatments?

Palmer Physical Therapy for Women may be able to help you.

Recent evidence shows a link between spinal nerve inflammation and pelvic floor dysfunction, and our patients have had great outcomes by addressing this relationship. Your female physical therapist will assess your pain problems thoroughly with a comprehensive history, examination of the spine and extremities, assessment of pelvic floor muscle function and evaluation of daily functional activities to determine the right course of treatment for you.

Our physical therapists are experienced in women’s health as it relates to physical therapy. You will receive 100 percent of your care from your physical therapist – not an assistant or aide. We also have private treatment rooms with doors, adding privacy and comfort to your visit.

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Learn More About Conditions We Treat

Please take some time to learn about the many specialized services we provide, including our effective treatments for urinary incontinence and low back pain, knee pain and interstitial cystitis. We also offer wellness services, such as the Palmer Massage

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