New Physical Therapy Patients

If you find yourself suffering from extremity pain, neck and low back pain, pelvic pain or other such conditions, we welcome you to Palmer Physical Therapy for Women!

For your first physical therapy appointment, please plan to arrive about 10 minutes early and bring the following documents:

  • Insurance Card / Workman’s Compensation Information / Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Information, and driver’s license or valid ID.
  • Completed patient information sheet and appropriate history form.
  • Updated medication list and/or supplements.
  • Insurance referral from your primary care physician if your insurance requires it.

Please contact your primary care physician and provide us with the referral prior to your appointment if one is required. Our staff will assist you with obtaining the referral if needed.

We attempt to verify your physical therapy insurance coverage benefits prior to your first physical therapy appointment to help clarify your financial responsibility. We cannot be held responsible if your insurance company gives us incorrect information regarding your policy. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to contact your insurance company directly.

If you do not have insurance coverage or the required referral for insurance coverage at the time of your physical therapy appointment, you will be responsible for payment.

We appreciate your desire to obtain physical therapy services with Palmer Physical Therapy for Women. If you have any questions regarding your insurance or requirements for your visit, please Contact Us.

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