Physical Therapy Products and Supplements

Curcumin: Curaphen/CuraPro

Curcumin: Curaphen/CuraPro

Curaphen and CuraPro contain curcumin, which is a component of the Indian spice turmeric. Significant research shows curcumin’s ability to decrease inflammation. Laboratory tests also show anticancer properties. Specially formulated, these products provide superior absorption compared to other curcumin products on the market.

Ice packs

Ice packs

At Palmer Physical Therapy for Women, we often recommend using ice packs for low back pain. Our ice packs are a clay-based blend, which is formulated to retain cold and heat longer than gel and liquid-based products found at drug stores. They also remain pliable when cold. Use in the microwave or freezer, depending on your physical therapy at-home recommendations. We have small and large sizes and a pack designed to fit your neck. 


Palmer Physical Therapy lumbar support cushions and pillows while sitting at your desk

Lumbar Support  Cushions

Use our lumbar support cushions and pillows while sitting at your desk, in your car or even in your living room chair to decrease low back pain. Choose from a full round lumbar support cushion, a half round lumbar support bolster or a full lumbar support pillow.

Foot Orthotics at Palmer Physical Therapy

Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics improve performance for everyday life or sports. We offer custom foot orthotics (shoe inserts) for pain management, shock absorption and improved alignment. Evaluation, casting and fitting are included.

Insurance coverage varies.

Compression Sleeves available at Palmer Physical Therapy

Compression Sleeves

Compressions sleeves and stockings are available ready- or custom-made. Calf or thigh-high and full panty hose are available for the leg in open or closed-toe styles. Sleeves, gloves and gauntlets are available for the arm and hand. Evaluation, measurement for proper fit and instruction in wear and care are included.

Insurance coverage varies. 



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