Pam Palmer, PT

Pam Palmer, PT at Palmer Physical Therapy in Wichita KS

Pam Palmer, PT founded Palmer Physical Therapy for Women and has practiced physical therapy in Wichita, Kansas, since graduating from Wichita State University in 1985. She specialized in treatment of the spine, women’s health, joint replacements and physical therapy for cancer treatment rehabilitation. 


Physical Therapy for Pregnancy and Motherhood

The transition from pregnancy to motherhood can be one of the most joyous transformations in a woman’s life, but various health issues resulting from pregnancy, labor and delivery can create challenges for new mothers while caring for her baby. Pelvic pain, neck and low back pain and urinary incontinence after pregnancy puts physical limitation on new moms, some intense enough that women are unable to accomplish normal daily routines. Plus, moms tend to place the maintenance of their own health far down on the list of priorities.

Pelvic Pain and Physical Therapy

For years, women have suffered in silence from pelvic pain, often not even discussing the problem with their physician. Others visit numerous health care practitioners desperately seeking answers about the source of their pain. The pain they experience can affect their ability to work and perform daily living activities. It can also affect relationships with spouses or significant others. Many women avoid sexual relations because of pain. Worse yet, many feel that no one can help them.

Chronic pelvic pain can present itself in numerous ways. Symptoms may include:

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain

Many women suffer in silence or are afraid or embarrassed to talk about such a personal issue – chronic pelvic pain, including painful intercourse and interstitial cystitis. Other women visit many healthcare providers seeking answers about the source of their pain, and an estimated 15 percent of women aged 18-50 experience chronic pelvic pain, which can vary in intensity and increase in severity during menstruation.

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